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The conductivity of graphene in the terahertz and infrared frequencies


Golovanov Oleg Aleksandrovich doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, sub-department of general subjects, Penza branch of Military academy of logistics
Makeeva Galina Stepanovna doctor of technical sciences, professor, sub-department of radio-engineering and electronic systems, Penza State University,
Varenitca Vitalyi Viktorjvich manager of department of enterprise «Eshelon»

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The calculation of surface conductivity of graphene monolayer determined from the Kubo formulа taking into account in the model the intraband and interband conductivities is performed depending on the frequency. The influence on the conductivity of the Graphene changes the chemical potential upon the application of an external electric field in terahertz and infrared frequencies; the surface conductivity increases tenfold 

Key words

efficiency, security, program, test, complex technical system, conditions

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